Reviews of A Summer's Trade
New Mexico Magazine

“In this endearing tale . . . Tony must choose between helping his family and buying the saddle. Author Deborah W. Trotter’s writing has a gentle dignity, and expresses a devotion to community that rings true throughout this tale. The rich colors and details of the dramatic images by
award-winning Navajo illustrator Irving Toddy perfectly complement the story, and the book
is bilingual: The story is told in Diné as well. Recommended for children ages 7 to 10.” 
~Ashley M. Biggers, March 2009

School Library Journal

“Told in both English and Navajo, this story has a quiet dignity that makes Tony’s actions all the more poignant.  Toddy, a well-known Navajo artist, presents realistic scenes that reflect the culture and way of life of the characters.  The dark backdrops of the mostly indoor city scenes make a telling contrast with the bright blue skies and pink-hued mesas of Tony’s home.  Though the events described could take place in the current day, the artwork – with details such as an old Ford pickup and glass Coke bottles – creates a slightly nostalgic mood.” ~Joy Fleishhacker, Sept. 2007


“ . . . a tale of sacrifice, love and Navajo culture – with wonderful illustrations – all in one tidy package.”

~ Debra Utacia Krol, Holiday book list, December 2008

Awards and Recognitions for A Summer’s Trade

2008 Storytelling World Resource Awards Honored Book

2008 Reading Is Fundamental Multicultural Library Booklist

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